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Version Control: Restore Your Funnel with Just a Few Clicks

February 02, 2018

One of the most important tools for mass funnel deployment is having some form of version control. Making backups for a few funnels manually is easy, but when managing many funnels, it becomes quite a bit of a hassle. With El Minara, version control is made easy, and backups are made automatically.

Every revision you make to a funnel is automatically saved as a revision. Too see what versions of a funnel are available or to create a new version, simply open the funnel in the El Minara page builder then select ‘project versions’ from the top menu bar.

Project Versions in El Minara

From there you will be presented with a list of previous versions.

El Minara Version History

Click ‘Create New Version’ to make a new save with your funnel’s current state. Click the Reset Funnel button to reset the funnel to a previous state. It is recommended that you create a new version before doing this.

If you’d like to download a revision as a zip file for external editing or backup, click the Download Backup button.

El Minara automatically creates a revision every time you click the ‘deploy project’ button in the Page Builder, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting to archive your changes!

El Minara’s version control system is one of the many features that helps make it a powerful platform for mass deployment and management of e-commerce funnels. If you think El Minara might be for you, request a demo from our sales team today!


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