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Integrated Page Builder in El Minara

January 25, 2018

El Minara was built for the hassle free management of sales pages. One of the tools available in this great platform is our integrated page builder.

Themes on El Minara

With this page builder, you can get an immediate start with the included theme templates designed to help make funnels or create your own theme for quick deployment. In conjunction with the media manager, it’s a powerful tool to make managing multiple funnels easier.

Media in El Minara

You only need basic knowledge to get started editing. Replacing images is as easy as replacing files. The code implements Tokens and Widgets. Tokens are included in theme template HTML (or placed in manually) and auto inserts information about the funnel that you placed into El Minara when you build the funnel. This allows you to simply enter the information in your funnel settings and have it reflected on the pages without having to even look at the code, and for those that do create their code, this means that the pages you make can be used with any funnel.

Tokens in El Minara

Widgets allow you to add custom sections of code, text, or even other widgets if you want to. Creating a widget allows you to have ‘drag and drop’ functionality of any kind. The possibilities are endless! You can create a widget on the server an important function once and simply drop it in anywhere you want to use it, saving time and keeping the HTML easy to read. You can also edit a widget and see the changes reflected everywhere you placed the widget! The widget editor has both with source and WYSIWYG view modes.

Widgets in El Minara

Mess something up? It’s ok, El Minara has a built-in automatic version manager that stores all of your revisions securely in the cloud.

Version History in El Minara

Versions are created automatically when you deploy, or manually when you choose to do so. You can either restore an older version or download the files to edit outside of El Minara. These features make for a fast editing experience as well as help those who aren’t strong developers make large changes quickly by keeping the code easy to read and mistakes easy to reverse.

The secure, fast, and intuitive page building tools in El Minara help you make funnels faster than ever while making content replacement a breeze, even for someone who cannot code. Interested in a platform like this for your needs? Contact our sales team and request a demo today!


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