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How You Will Save Thousands Each Month with El Minara

April 26, 2018

We run through the key benefits of choosing El Minara as a CMS solution for your e-commerce pages. The benefits include hosting, reduction in the costs of development, CRM integration, and time saving tools that help manage many sites. With free SSL, CRM integration, and no need for a PHP developer, El Minara is guaranteed to save money.

El Minara is more than just a tool to help you with making e-commerce pages. It can also save you thousands every month!

How to Save Thousands with El Minara

You won’t need a PHP developer
El Minara’s page builder allows you to use simple HTML and CSS with tokens instead of PHP, allowing you to skip hiring a PHP developer. This means either you or affordable front end development services, like those offered by CodeClouds, can make new site designs very quickly. Each site remains secure and functional while being easy to code.

In addition to tokens, El Minara offers widgets- reusable snippets of code to perform certain important functions or insert premade sections, such as a captcha or an order form. You can select from the included widgets or even make your own!

Free SSL
El Minara offers free SSL. Without it, you’d need to pay for SSL on each of your sites. Over many sites, this adds up to thousands saved on its own. This alone may be a great reason for you to chose El Minara as your platform, and the return on investment for this feature is considerable.

CRM Integration
With the token support, the CRM integration in El Minara means you won’t have to pay anyone to do it manually. El Minara current supports Limelight CRM and Konnective CRM with more to come, and that’s one less development service you’ll have to pay for.

Free Hosting
No need to host websites on El Minara, we’ve got you covered. Expect to save a lot hosting all of your pages on our built in hosting. If you still prefer external hosting, that’s an option as well, with direct integration for DigitialOcean and Vultr as well as WHM/cPanel installations. No longer will you need to worry about hosting and paying for all of you sites individually, you’ll save a lot by using our hosting at no extra cost.

You can make many sites very quickly with El Minara, and the quicker you can deploy sites the quicker you make money. Because of the token system getting rid of the need for PHP and the built in CRM integration, each site will cost less to develop.

If you already have a theme ready to use, you can simply fill in the information for your new site and the code will be ready to deploy, meaning making multiple sites with the same front end code is a breeze.

Use El Minara as a standalone CRM
Don’t have a CRM solution yet? Use El Minara as a stand alone CRM for NMI integration. This will save you money on a CRM in the short term. Although it doesn’t truly function as a complete and fully functional replacement CRM, it will work in order to make sure everything is set up before needing to pay for a CRM.

With all of these cost saving features, El Minara is certain to save you big money in the short and long term. In addition to the cost saving features, El Minara is backed by 22/5 support from our USA, India, and New Zealand teams. If you think it’s the money saving solution for you, contact our sales team today!


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