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January 20, 2018

El minara is a CMS with built-in hosting built to help entrepreneurs and businesses create and manage sales pages. Let’s take a look at some of the many things that El Minara has to offer.

Page Builder

Integrated into El minara is a power page builder that offers templates and a media manager to build unique e-commerce funnels with no coding experience required! Choose from the built-in barebones templates or upload your own and get started creating your funnels with ease.

SSL Auto Renewal

El Minara offers automated hassle-free SSL renewal for all of your domains, ensuring that all of your pages are secure and your customers feel comfortable trusting your funnel to make a purchase.

Document Manager

Manage many documents with the built-in document manager.

Document manager in El Minara

These documents can be viewed in the built-in viewer or downloaded directly. More importantly, they can all be synced to your Google Drive and/or Dropbox account.

With a nice central document manager that only deals with the documents relevant to your project, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your important documents are saved on up to three different cloud services while still being easily accessible and searchable from El Minara!

Uploading is a breeze. Click the add button and simply drag and drop the files you want to upload or click on the ‘drop files here’ box to open your file explorer and select files that way.

Document Uploader in El Minara

You can also sync files that are already present on a Google Drive or Dropbox account, not just the other way around!

Domain Management

Managing domains is also a snap with the build in domain manager in El Minara.

Domain Manager in El Minara

Each domain has the support number listed, how many funnels are connected to it, and the DNS and its HTTPS status. From here you can do anything to one of the domains, including configuration, suspending or deactivating the domain, and even downloading all of the funnels from that domain for quick backup or transfer.

Mass Webmail Manager

Need a solution for managing many email addresses for all of those funnels? El Minara has you covered. El Minara’s built-in Webmail client allows you to see your total unread email for all addresses, then switch between them quickly.

Webmail Manager in El Minara

Hosting, CRM integration, and more!

El Minara has many other included features, including real-time traffic monitoring, Vulnerability checking, and support for LimeLight CRM, Konnective CRM, Response CRM, and many other or you can use El Minara as a stand-alone platform. You can even use your own hosting if you prefer not to use the free included hosting with El Minara, including adding popular VPS providers like DigitalOcean and Vultr, allowing you to create new instances right from our platform.

Truly, there’s so much El Minara has to offer, and we’ve just covered a few of the features. If you think this might be the tool for your funnels, then contact our sales team for a demo.


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