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The Ultimate CMS Solution For Your E-Commerce Pages

El Minara is a powerful Page Builder platform that offers numerous templates to create a fully functional e-commerce website with zero CRM integration experience required. You can even create your own stylized template by uploading HTML files or you can get started with barebone template prototypes.

Built-In Page Builder

Built right into El Minara, a full-fledged funnel builder that can really help you build your e-commerce funnels.

External CRM or Standalone

You can use El Minara as a standalone platform and directly integrate with NMI or you can connect to various third-party CRM/s like Response CRM, and many other.

Mailbox Centralization

El Minara can create and monitor your email boxes automatically. You can also add existing email accounts to El Minara such as your Gmail account.

Optional Hosting

El Minara provides you free hosting on demand. Currently, US, AU, and UK based server locations are supported.


El Minara includes free version control, which allows you to review backups of your funnels. El Minara will automatically save a backup each time you deploy your funnel.

Amazing Features

With El Minara, you can build and manage your business campaigns effortlessly. Here's an overview of our amazing features.

Free SSL

Funnels hosted with El Minrara’s free hosting have the option for free auto-renewing SSL. These SSL Certificates are automatically re-encrypted every 3 months by LetsEncrypt to ensure maximum security.

Use Your Own Hosting

If you prefer not to use El Minara’s free included hosting, you can use whatever host you’d like. This allows all of your funnels to stay online, even if you unsubscribe from El Minara. Read More

Easy to use library of Tokens & Widgets

All funnels built with El Minara are token compatible. These tokens can be set in your Funnel Settings, and allow you to make changes to your website without having to touch any code.

CRM Integration

El Minara supports direct integration with various CRM/s, 3rd Party Platforms and more. This simple integration allows you to get your funnels completely up and running and ready for your business seamlessly.

Elminara Features

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How It Works

Here’s how you set up your campaigns on El Minara.


Set Up Your Domains And Create Products

Add your domains, choose the complimentary hosting or your own, then add a product from your CRM or add it manually.


Pick a Theme and Customize Funnel

Pick a preset theme or make your own, then change the funnel options to match how you want to set up this campaign.


Set Up Emails, Deploy funnels

El Minara’s built in email tool allows you to create emails, and manage them all in a central inbox system. Set up the final customer facing information and you’re ready to deploy!

What people are saying

Here’s what our loyal customers have to say!


El Minara has been great for organizing our e-commerce pages. We can now expand and set up new campaigns at a faster rate!


Amazing! The team at El Minara are super helpful and went above and beyond to solve my DNS issues! Great app, great team!


With El Minara, now I can set up the campaigns faster and have to pay no extra bill for the server hosting funnels. Great team! Loved their work.


The best part I love about El Minara is the free SSLs! I don’t pay for SSL certificates after I did the switch to El Minara. Also, I don’t have to worry about renewing them as the platform does the job for me!


Thanks to El Minara! I can now cut the bills for servers hosting my e-commerce pages. The dedicated server team of El Minara keeps them running without any hassles. I have left worrying about maintaining the servers or get puzzled when they go down.


When I had a demo with El Minara team for the first time, I was so impressed by the look and feel and how things are organized there. My immediate instructions to them were to migrate my existing funnels to El Minara.


Once you opt for El Minara, you will get to know how easy it is to build an e-commerce store. Even without a proven CRM integration experience. People are experienced, skilled and co-operative.


Loved adopting El Minara for the e-commerce pages. And with their commendable support, it became easier for me to set up campaigns instantly.


Pricing Options

We provide multiple pricing plans to suit the need of any business! If you require more than 350 funnels please contact us for a quote.


Free Setup

50 Funnels

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

Free Platform Support

$ 99 / mo

Order now


Free Setup

150 Funnels

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

Free Platform Support

$ 199 / mo

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Business Plus

Free Setup

250 Funnels

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

Free Platform Support

$ 299 / mo

Order now


Free Setup

500 Funnels

500 Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

Free Platform Support

$ 399 / mo

Order now

Pricing is for the platform only. Development support is excluded. Please contact our sales team for additional pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Have a few questions? You might be able to find them here!

El Minara is a powerful Page Builder platform that offers numerous templates to create a personalized e-commerce website with no coding experience required. You can even create your own stylized template by uploading files or you can even get started with barebone template prototypes.

You can add your domains to a dedicated domain manager in El Minara. You’ll be asked to verify the ownership of the domain, once completed your domain will be ready to use.

El Minara has a list of all the countries/currencies in the database, however, you're free to choose the ones that you want to show on your e-commerce pages. El Minara can also auto detect countries and show currencies based on the data.

If you want to know more, click and watch the tutorials.


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